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WOW Romee Strijd for Elle Netherlands December 2013

WOW Romee Strijd for Elle Netherlands December 2013:

These Characters Would've Killed At Black Friday Shopping

These Characters Would've Killed At Black Friday Shopping: Black Friday shopping can be a daunting prospect. Where can you get the best deals? What's the best strategy to avoid the crowds? What should you wear?

To prep for the big day this week, we're taking a little inspiration from some of our favorite fictional characters from movies and television. These ladies practically made a career out of shopping, so we'll be brushing up on our purchasing skills with a shopping-themed enterntainment marathon during our Thanksgiving food comas.

Come Friday, we recommend you channel these shoppers:

Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City"
The woman admitted that she spent $40,000 on shoes alone.


Lisa Turtle from "Saved by the Bell"
We know she was a die-hard shopper since at least Miss Bliss' middle school class.


Regina George from "Mean Girls"
She wouldn't have to tell us twice to get in the car to go shopping with her. (We'd probably let her call us "losers," too.)


Cher Horowitz from "Clueless"
She was perhaps the biggest proponent of the benefits of retail therapy.


Lindsay Bluth from "Arrested Development"
Shopping might just be the only thing Lindsay loved more than a good drink.


Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde"
She could have probably taught a Harvard class on shopping.


Rachel Green from "Friends"
Forget "The Rachel" -- we want to posses Ms. Green's purchasing skills.


Rebecca Bloomwood from "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
The fervor with which she hit up a sale was inspiring and scary at the same time.


Lorelai Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls"
She said it best: Every week is shopping week.


Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl"
She ruled the 3 B's -- Barneys, Bergdorf's and "the lesser but still relevant Bloomindales" -- and wisely enlisted Dorota to carry the bags.


Karen Walker from "Will and Grace"
Not many people can out-shop a multi-millionairess.


Ready, set, SHOP:

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10 Movies That Will Make You Cry, Unless You Are A Secret Robot

10 Movies That Will Make You Cry, Unless You Are A Secret Robot: "About Time" may have looked like a simple rom-com about time travel. It was not, however, and something we realized after weeping through the poetic beauty of the film's father-son love story. Richard Curtis' film got us thinking: What other movies have held the emotive power to make us not just tear up, but sob in uncontrolled heaves?

Here, we round up the most effective tear-inducing films ever, telling you, dear readers, why they made us cry all the tears. Read our editors' picks and tell us what movies left you sobbing in the comments below.

"Armageddon" has me in tears every single damn time. It's really not hard to understand. Spoiler alert: Harry (Bruce Willis) sacrifices himself to save mankind by detonating a bomb on the asteroid that is spiraling toward Earth. Mostly, though, he does it so his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler), can have shot at a life with A.J. (Ben Affleck). I repeat, he sacrifices himself so his daughter can be with the man she loves. There's a whole backstory about how he initially disapproves of the relationship, which makes everything even more emotional. Just try not to cry during the goodbye scene, when Harry tells Grace he won't be coming home. HEARTBREAKING. (Also: Aerosmith.) -- Stephanie Marcus


"A Walk To Remember"
"A Walk To Remember" wrecked me, and not just because Mandy Moore looked like a pale, Puritan angel, as she slipped away in Landon's (Shane West) powerful arms. I was 11 years old at the time and I think my biggest problem was establishing the necessity of a midnight bed time. Maybe it was the realization that our existence is finite and love is transitory. Or maybe I was overwhelmed by my newly pubescent attraction to the god among men that Shane West was in 2002. Either way, I left that movie theater, clutching my Limited Too purse, determined to find a fellow fifth grader with whom I could forge a connection as real as the one Jamie and Landon shared. -- Lauren Duca


"Blue Valentine"
There's no shortage of busted relationships in movies, but none is as authentic or heartrending as the one seen in Derek Cianfrance's acclaimed indie "Blue Valentine." The story, which pairs an unhappy pre-med student named Cindy (Michelle Williams) and a high school dropout named Dean (Ryan Gosling), chronicles the marriage they launch into upon discovering Cindy is pregnant. The vulnerable couple tries their damnedest to make it work, clinging to the spark that first ignited their kindred souls. But their sparring personalities render the relationship impossible, and watching them suffer through the agony of that revelation is like watching a beautiful swan disintegrate back into an ugly duckling. The film's final moments cement it as one of the most honest and sob-inducing portraits of human interaction seen onscreen. -- Matthew Jacobs

blue valentine

"Rudy's" effect on me is Pavlovian. (The score alone can bring forth the waterworks.) The ultimate underdog story of the last 25 years, "Rudy" stars Sean Astin ("Goonies" really do never say die) as Rudy, a diminutive good guy whose told by everyone, including his own family, to forget his lifelong dream: playing football for Notre Dame. (He's five-foot-nothing, a hundred-and-nothing, after all.) Long story short (pun), everyone is wrong, and thanks to a bunch of twists of fate, Rudy finally reaches his goal during the final game of his senior year. Just typing this is making me year up. HIS DAD IS SO PROUD LOOK AT HIS BROTHER "WHO'S THE WILD MAN NOW?" Ugh. -- Christopher Rosen


To be honest, I haven't watched the movie in years because I'm afraid of the waterworks that will flow when Jena Malone rejects cool-photographer-stepmom (Julia Roberts) in favor of dying-of-cancer-real-mom (Susan Sarandon). Released in 1998, this movie was prime Julia and Susan years, when sentimentality ruled and Ed Harris was hunky. But when the kids have to say goodbye to Susan's character, and when she finally accepts/ forgives Julia's character? I just can't. -- Jessica Goodman


You sit down to watch an uplifting animated little Pixar gem, and no later than the opening credits you're bawling. The introductory montage of bright-eyed Carl and his adventurous wife, Ellie, as they go from painting their first mailbox to wrinkled, grey and saying goodbye to each other in a hospital room -- with their dreams of adventure never being realized -- is simply devastating. If you don't shed a tear for the pair who never got to put their penny jar to good use with a visit to Paradise Falls, you're not human. -- Kiki Von Glinow


"The Land Before Time"
As a child, my cinematic intake revolved almost entirely around "The Land Before Time" series. While all 12 sequels are beautiful and necessary chapters of the history of dinosaurs, nothing strums my heartstrings quite like the original. The movie tees you up with the birth of Littlefoot -- the sole offspring of a diminishing herd of "Longnecks" -- a scene that will have you squirming with all the cute feelings. Then the "Sharptooth" comes in and ruins everything. As Littlefoot's mom lies on the ground in the pouring rain, and tells her son with her dying breath, "I'll be with you, even if you can't see me," all happiness in life ceases to exist. Between the five young protagonists' ability to bridge the castes of their ancestors, Diana Ross' "If We Hold on Together" and the magical BFF hilltop embrace at the end, this movie will always be my man-crying marathon. -- Ryan Kristobak


"I Am Love"
Luca Guadagnino's 2009 film about an aristocratic Italian family could have been yet another study about a snooty set of society with too much money. Instead, told through the eyes of Tilda Swinton (outstanding as family matriarch Emma Recchi), the film swiftly and sometimes violently unravels in the name of love and sexual passion. The last 20 minutes are devastating. -- Youyoung Lee

i am love

"The Green Mile"
I first saw this movie when I was 17, and I completely fell in love with it. In addition to its valuable message about the death penalty, it really got the emotions going. I cried when Del bonded with his mouse Mr. Jingles, I sobbed when I found out John Coffey was innocent and every electric chair scene slayed me. Unfortunately, I cried so much that I'll absolutely never see "The Green Mile" again. -- Leigh Weingus


"Bridges Of Madison County"
It was a hot summer’s day as I sat in the cold dark theatre at Lincoln Center watching a screening of “The Bridges of Madison County” as part of a Clint Eastwood retrospective. Though I was (as every human is) a huge Meryl Streep fan, this 1995 film (directed by Eastwood) had been off my radar until my friend Maggie came out of her room one day a year earlier, eyes swollen from crying and shoved the DVD in my hand.


Now here Maggie and I sat watching one of our now-favorite films on the big screen, and I knew the waterworks were coming. Was it my recent bad breakup? The heartwrenching score by Lennie Niehaus? The age-old theme of lost love? Probably all of the above. It doesn’t matter what set it off because there I was, sobbing into my arm through the final half hour of the film. From the moment when Francesca (Streep) takes a bath preparing for her romantic dinner with Robert (Clint Eastwood) to the famous scene when she almost leaves to be with him, to her children finding their mother’s mementos from that romantic weekend. It’s. All. Too. Much. If you ever need a good cry sob, watch this movie. It’ll get the job done. -- Christopher Rudolph

10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings: Celebrities are known to go above and beyond when it comes to expensive gifts, and engagement rings are no exception. The infographic below, created by, features 10 of the most expensive, most elaborate, most blinged-out rings on the planet -- and they all belong to famous people.

To put it in perspective, the average cost of an engagement ring in America is $5,431. The cheapest ring on this list is $137,200 (and it belongs to a future queen); the most expensive is worth $8.8 million. So whose rock landed on top? Find out below.

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But money isn't everything. Check out the slideshow below for 21 unique rings from our readers that will make you swoon.

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Taylor Swift Hangs With Prince William At Winter Whites Gala (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift Hangs With Prince William At Winter Whites Gala (PHOTOS): Taylor Swift may have spent a lot of time rubbing shoulders with America's "royalty" (aka the Kennedys), but she's now progressed to hanging with actual princes.

The singer joined Prince William and a slew of other stars at tonight's Winter Whites Gala held at Kensington Palace, where she's slated to perform later in the evening. Turning up in an ethereal white gown and her signature red lipstick, T. Swift chatted up the Duke of Cambridge as Jon Bon Jovi, Michelle Dockery, James Blunt and Collin Firth made the rounds at the reception.

Her immediate reaction to the royal meeting? "Awesome!" Once she collected herself, she added, "He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny."

The "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer was certainly nervous leading up to the event, reportedly "asking" around as to how to properly greet a real-life royal. "I think I’m just really safe if I just like, shake hands and be polite," she told ABC News. (For the record, Taylor, this is the standard protocol.)

As you can see, it looks like she managed quite alright. Too bad Prince Harry's all the way in the South Pole -- Taylor might have finally met her prince charming.


prince william

prince william

prince william

taylor swift

Plenty of stars rub shoulders with royals:

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Aubrey Plaza Demonstrates How To Wear Pastels In Winter In Glow Magazine (PHOTO)

Aubrey Plaza Demonstrates How To Wear Pastels In Winter In Glow Magazine (PHOTO): The Aubrey Plaza we know is deadpan, sardonic and loves her some plaid shirts.

But turns out that off the set of "Parks & Recreation," Aubrey Plaza can pull of girly, pink outfits with the best of the cover girls. Plaza poses for the Winter 2014 issue of Glow, a beauty mag from Canada, wearing a pretty knit dress from Blumarine.

Photographed by Chris Nicholls, Plaza sports plenty of delicate pastels that remind us we can wear light clothes in the winter. But best of all is her makeup, which is sultry yet subtle in a Twiggy-esque way. If only April Ludgate served up this kind of makeup every week.

Of course, in true April fashion, Plaza tells Glow, "I mean, every day my whole face is a beauty disaster!" We don't buy it.

See the rest of the photos at Glow and check out the lovely cover below. How gorg is funny gal Aubrey?

aubrey plaza

More Aubrey to love:

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Taylor Swift And Prince William Sing 'Livin' On A Prayer' With Bon Jovi

Taylor Swift And Prince William Sing 'Livin' On A Prayer' With Bon Jovi: We're sure Taylor Swift told Prince William, "Today was a fairytale" after their meet and greet in London last night (Nov. 26).

The 23-year-old singer was lucky enough to spend some quality time with the royal at the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace, where she performed for a 200-person audience during the charity dinner. But Swift wasn't the only one to belt out some tunes on stage -- at one point the blonde beauty was joined by Wills and rocker Jon Bon Jovi for a performance of "Livin' On a Prayer."

taylor swift prince william

taylor swift prince william

A clip of this magical moment surfaced on Instagram, thanks to a gala attendee, Rebecca Dowling. "Classic Tuesday night with Jon Bon Jovi performing 'Living on a Prayer' with Taylor Swift and HRH," her caption read.

Please, enjoy. Soak it ALL in.

Watch a full clip of their performance below:

14 Things Only Girls With Thick Hair Will Understand

14 Things Only Girls With Thick Hair Will Understand: So much hair, so little time. That is the mantra of women with thick hair everywhere. We know people are tried of hearing us complain, but having locks for days isn't all it's cracked up to be. At the end of our showers there is always enough hair in the drain to create another human, ponytails are always too tight or too loose and hair ties are constantly too stretched out to wear around our wrists.

To all those ladies out there with thick hair, we understand your struggles. Herewith, a list of 14 things only women with tons of hair will truly understand.

Low water pressure makes you want to cry.

You regularly break hair elastics.

Your hair is so heavy sometimes it gives you a headache.

At any given moment, a piece of hair will fly into your mouth.

If you shower and put your hair in a bun in the morning, by nighttime... it's still wet.

Straightening your hair takes so long, you eventually start sweating.

enter image description here

You've given up on French braids, as your arms get sore by the time you're finally finished.


Whenever you get your hair cut, the hairdresser ALWAYS comments on how much hair you have. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Your hair is always (accidentally) in someone's way.

Hats never fit on your head because you have too much hair.

When you take photos with your friends, your hair is often out of the frame of the picture.

Travel shampoo is laughable -- that will last you, what, one wash?

You frequently have to explain to friends what getting your hair thinned means.

But, at the end of the day, you'll never go bald...

... So thick hair, don't care.

Then there are some hair truths all women can agree on:

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