Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adriana Lima is a supermodel who has no fear of age or younger models

Adriana Lima is a supermodel who has no fear of age or younger models - FansShare: Adriana Lima is a supermodel who does not fear age and has no intention of leaving the modelling industry anytime soon or even stepping aside for younger models. This is the impression she left with her recent comments to a reporter while at the DesigualFashion show during the New York Fashion Week and left fashionistas excited about her attitude.

The gorgeous Brazilian model told the New York Post that she intends to model as long as her body holds up and from the looks of her in the front row of the fashion show and her recent form in Victoria Secret's Angels Super Bowl commercials it seems that her body is in great shape and in no danger of 'breaking down' anytime soon (Daily Post - February 13).

Her comments were interesting to many fashion fans partly because it showed a little bit of the 'fire' in her personality that likely has always been present but she rarely shows. Often models when they reach their late 20's or early 30's are either talking about or planning an 'exit' plan for their leaving the modelling business but it is apparent from her comments that she has no immediate plans to leave the fashion industry at all.

Moreover, her comments that she feels more attractive now than 15 years ago raised some eyebrows as some looked at it as a message to some of the younger models that while she has no problem mentoring them she has no intention of stepping aside so they can replace her.

Fashionistas upon reading her comments anticipate that this Brazilian bombshell intends to work even harder behind the scenes on her body to ensure that she is in the best shape she can possibly be in the upcoming year, a prospect that brings a smile to her fans.

Adriana Lima has been a supermodel for several year but it is obvious that the 'fire in her belly' that helped her reach this elite level has not diminished in the least. She loves modelling and does not fear getting older because with age comes confidence and she is a model who is very comfortable in her own skin as one of the 'true' supermodels that are currently walking on the fashion runways.

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