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Meet the Danish Model Being Called the Next Cara Delevingne

Meet the Danish Model Being Called the Next Cara Delevingne:

Line Brems at Tommy Hilfiger's fall 2015 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree
Line Brems at Tommy Hilfiger's fall 2015 runway show. Photo: Imaxtree
Once-ubiquitous, Cara Delevingne was noticeably absent during this past fashion month. While she popped up towards the end at Chanel, the reminders of her existence had become less frequent. However, I started to noticed a new set of bushy eyebrows and blond mane popping up. My first encounter was backstage at Tommy Hilfiger's fall 2015 show, where I spotted the eyebrows from afar; thinking it was Delevingne, I rushed over to get a photo before quickly realizing that the enviable brows belonged to another model, Line Brems. After that, Brems began surfacing on the runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Jeremy Scott, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton and many others.

Needing to know more, I chatted with the 18-year-old Danish modelling newbie (she was only discovered a year ago) over the phone about the Cara Delevingne comparisons, whom she looks up to in the industry, and how she takes care of her lush brows.

Hilfiger Denim spring 2015 campaign. Photo: Josh Olins
Hilfiger Denim spring 2015 campaign. Photo: Josh Olins
How did you get your start in modeling? Were you scouted?

I was at a festival; it was pouring down, and I was standing there in my rubber boots, red hair dripping wet, when two agents approached me from Le Management. They asked me if I had ever considered modeling and I thought, 'are you kidding me?' I decided to give it a go and here I am a year later.

Of all the shows you walked this season, was there a favorite?

Every show has its special moments and each collection its own "feel" and interesting details. Maison Martin Margiela was fun and freaky, Diesel Black Gold was bold and boyish and then Louis Vuitton was supercool with an interesting runway and some very modern looks. But if I could only choose one, it has to be the Tommy Hilfiger show. It took place in a baseball stadium [at the Park Avenue Armory] and was such a great show, especially because I did their [denim] campaign as well. So I kind of knew some of the other girls already and the theme and outfits.

Are there any models whose careers you aspire to? 

Models who have strong personalities and stick to their own beliefs are the most inspiring. I met this girl from Germany last season, Eilika Meckbach. She’s not so well known yet but she’a a great model and has an amazing attitude. She’s so helpful and positive with the other girls and I really admire her cheerfulness and supportiveness.

How do you feel about the comparisons to Cara Delevingne? Is it a help or hindrance?

I guess I can see why people would think that. We both have big brows and perhaps the same color hair. But I think I look like me, and Cara looks like Cara. I will say though that I am flattered at the suggestion. Who wouldn’t be? She is gorgeous.

What's your approach to social media? Do you feel pressure to frequently update platforms like Instagram as a form of self promotion?

I started using my Instagram about a year ago and never really thought about it before, but people kept telling me how important it was. Now I am using it, and trying to remember that I have people following me and that they are interested in who I am working with and which shows I am doing etc. So now I am trying to get better!

Any eyebrow-maintenance tips?

I seriously just let them be. I sometimes trim them a bit if there’s a stray hair, but other than that I don’t touch them. If you met my father, you’d see where I get them from. He’s pretty dark and hairy -- quite the opposite opposite of my mom, who is very blond.

Thus far in your career, what have been the best and the most difficult experiences starting out in the industry?

I can’t pick just one. There have been so many great experiences. To name a few would be my campaign with Tommy Hilfiger and then shooting with Italian Vogue, which were absolutely amazing. I think the hardest part so far is being on time for all my castings. My feet aren’t too happy with me either after this past fashion month.

See more of Brems's fall 2015 fashion month appearances below.

Homepage Photo: Louis Vuitton fall 2015/Imaxtree

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