Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kate Upton Teams Up With Glee’s Lea Michele in New “Sex Comedy”

Kate Upton Teams Up With Glee’s Lea Michele in New “Sex Comedy”:

In real life, a layover is one of the most frustrating experiences a traveler can face.  But, in a movie featuring funny girls Kate Upton and Lea Michele, it’s the making of a pretty entertaining comedy.

Aptly titled, The Layover, the new road trip buddy ’sex comedy’ will see Kate and the former Glee star team up in the supermodel’s first big screen role since last summer’s revenge flick, The Other Woman.

According to Deadline, the two Hollywood stars play a pair lifelong best friends, who decide to avoid their personal problems by taking a vacation. Their plans, however, get drastically thrown off course when their plane gets rerouted due to a hurricane and they end up battling over the same guy while on an extended layover in St. Louis. Can you say drama?!

The film is being directed by William H. Macy, who told Deadline, “The minute I met Lea and Kate, the film began to focus for me. They are singular, ambitious funny women in full. This is going to be fun.”

Never thought I’d be looking forward to a layover! I can’t wait,” tweeted Kate.

Us neither!

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