Sunday, April 12, 2015

Top Models Share Their Ultimate Lucky Charms!

Top Models Share Their Ultimate Lucky Charms!:

Some girls have all the luck, and none more so than the top models!  While we would never deny their exceptional talent, impossible beauty and unwavering work ethic, there is a small part of us that couldn’t help but wonder if these ladies have had some extra luck in their corners over the years.  Turns out, we weren’t too far off!  We’ve managed to catch up with a few of our favorite runway stars, VS Angels, as well as one incredible supermodel to find out what special charms these fortunate ladies have on hand to help boost their positive vibes and give them that extra dose of top model confidence we crave.  From supermodel and style icon Naomi Campbell to Fashion Week sensation Cara Delevingne, we got the scoop on all of the personal good luck charms that they wouldn’t dare leave home without, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. Feel like getting lucky?  Take a look at all of the Models’ Ultimate Lucky Charms after the jump!

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