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Red Carpet RX: How to Get Supermodel-Worthy Skin Before Your Next Big Event

Red Carpet RX: How to Get Supermodel-Worthy Skin Before Your Next Big Event:

Celebrities have access to the top dermatologists, aestheticians, and makeup artists in the world, so it’s no wonder they look so perfect and otherworldly on the red carpet. Case and point: Monday night’s annual Met Gala where the only thing more impressive than the designer wares making their way up the stairs was the number of clear, flawless complexions starring back at us.  While we may not have the salaries and pro-services of the stars, we can still get their signature red-carpet radiance with a few tips and tricks from industry insiders—including the very dermatologist responsible for the radiant complexions of Adriana LimaLily AldridgeCandice Swanepoel and Amber Valletta: Dr. David Colbert. Below, we’ve asked the models’ go-to skin doctor to reveal the secrets to obtaining red carpet-ready skin and everything you should be doing 72, 48, and 24-hours leading up to a big event (Met Gala or other).  Keep scrolling to learn how to get that supermodel-worthy glow!

Time Left Before the Event: 72 Hours

What You Should Be Doing: Hitting the Gym and Eating Clean

Dr. Colbert’s Expert Tips: The best way to get it together and look your best for an event a few days away is to follow the tenets of “The High School Reunion Diet,”— this means eating “clean.” No processed foods, only natural, healthy green market foods.  For radiant skin, I suggest Greek yogurt, blueberries, almonds, kale, spinach, plenty of water, and any white fish. These provide the building blocks for collagen and elastin.  They also act as anti-oxidants because they contain Vitamin C+ and Vitamin E, which neutralize free radicals. You may also want to stay away from High Fructose corn syrup, junk foods, excessive alcohol, processed foods, and white sugar. Overall, I suggest, avoiding foods with a high gylcemic index (rapid elevation of blood sugar) because they cause glycation. This not only makes the skin age more rapidly, but may also lead to weight gain.

At this time, my clients are also hitting the gym, which helps to rid the body of excess toxins, and are having their final fittings to ensure that their outfits fit and no last minute touch-ups are needed.

Time Left Before the Event: 48 Hours

What You Should Be Doing: Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Toning

Dr. Colbert’s Expert Tips: This is typically when my office is at its busiest, as this is when I recommend that my clients come in for our full body Triad Treatment. This combination of ‘no-down time’ laser collagen toning combined with micro-dermabrasion and a light lavender flower acid peel gives a supernova glow, increases both collagen and elastin production, and renders the skin even more luminous— it essentially helps the skin photograph better.

Other popular treatments include a combination of TruSculpt and CoolSculpting treatments, which uses hot radio frequency pulsing in tandem with freezing technology to tightens the underlying tissue and essentially rids trouble areas of excess fat cells.  Theoretically, I advise my clients to come in at least 1-3 months before a big event for the best results.

At this time, I also like to check the skin to make sure that there are no pending skin problems forming under the skin’s surface, and to perfect any other flaws — discoloration, dullness, fine lines, etc.

Time Before the Event: 24 Hours

What You Should Be Doing: Simple At-Home Treatments

Dr. Colbert’s Expert Tips: Along with the Triad Facial, many of my clients like to come in the morning of a big event for collagen toning sessions on an LED bed.  The pink LED gentle wave lights reduce inflammation and slow down the enzymes the cause intrinsic aging of the skin. The experience is also very relaxing: It’s all done in a calming, sound-free setting.

At this time, I also suggest that my clients use the Balance cleanser and Tone Control Discs to help brighten and even out skin tone.  They contain SymWhite and Inflacin to calm and protect the epidermis from stressors. I also like to apply the Illumino Face Oil, which is basically a “magic potion” consisting of passion fruit and 11 other essential oils that is applied just before the final makeup applications.  It increases light reflectance and hydrates deep within the skin to ensure the models photograph flawlessly in every picture.

I’ll also plan for last-minute, day-of issue and prepare a “skin-saver” kit that I send home with the models and their makeup teams.  The kit includes the Illumnino Body Oil , which uses passion fruit and argan oil for a sleek, stimulating and slimming effect all over the body, along with an at-home Triad treatment and Tone Control Discs.  I also suggest using two drops of Illumino Face Oil before applying foundation, as it help improve the tone and texture of the skin for flawless application.

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