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Adriana Lima -

Five Minutes With Adriana Lima -

She's the face of Marc Jacobs's new Decadence fragrance, a veteran model, a mother and of course a Victoria's Secret Angel. Here, we grabbed five minutes of Adriana Lima's time to talk scent, wigs and feeling sexy.

Picture credit: Marc Jacobs Intl

What do you love about Marc Jacobs Decadence?

What I love most about the fragrance is how much thought and care Marc put into creating it. From the bottle, to the fragrance, to the name, everything he touches is so incredible.

Lima shot for Vogue in March 2015

Picture credit: Patrick Demarchelier

How was the campaign shoot?

Shooting the campaign was a great experience. There was sexy mood lighting, I was wearing a silky black Marc Jacobs dress, there were beautiful flowers next to vintage fragrance bottles. It felt vintage and modern at the same time. It was very decadent!

Marc Jacobs Decadence

How do you apply fragrance?

I like to apply fragrance in different areas of the body. I put some behind my ears, my décolletage, my wrists and the insides of my elbows and knees because they're points that release the body's scent.

Behind the scenes on the Decadence shoot

Picture credit: Marc Jacobs Intl

What are your favourite smells in the world?

I love the way my daughters smell. I love the smell of flowers. I love the smell of the ocean and nature. Those are all scents that make me happy and take in a deep inhale.

You walked in Marc's autumn/winter 2015 show, where the models wore no make-up. How did you feel about that?

Marc has a vision and I go wherever his vision takes me.

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And the wig? Did you like wearing it?

It's fun to feel like you're someone other than yourself sometimes, and I believe wigs help create different characters.

What do you love about Marc Jacobs as a brand?

To me, Marc Jacobs means modern, cool, and glamorous with an edge. I've been a fan of Marc and all of his fragrances and designs for many years. It is a true honour to be the face of Decadence.

How do you like a man to smell?

I like a man to smell masculine and woody.

What is your ultimate beauty secret?

My ultimate beauty secret would be coconut water.

What beauty advice do you hope to pass onto your children?

Happiness is the best beauty trick.

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