Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Candice Swanepoel emerging as number one fashion model in 2015 ?

Candice Swanepoel emerging as number one fashion model in 2015? - FansShare:

Candice Swanepoel has fashion fans talking about her as the replacement for current number one model Gisele Bundchen after her scintillating appearance on the runway at the Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show (Daily Mail - June 27).

The stunning South African fashion model wore a white see-through lace dress over a white bra and underwear outfit which she paired with black leggings and her appearance was one of the most impressive appearances of the show. She left fashion fans mesmerized and intoxicated with her fantastic model form and some fashion fans anticipate that there will be some women 'copying' her runway look when they decide to provide their partners with a 'sensational surprise'. 
There is a belief expressed among some fashionistas (fashion fans) on social media that she is ready to take the place of Gisele Bundchen as the number one fashion model in the world and her performance at the Givenchy show seems to confirm her readiness as well as her focus on only modelling. 
The beautiful South African has reportedly received numerous offers to appear in big screen movie projects but she as passed on them to focus on her modelling. She has even resisted joining the ranks of models who become mothers during the prime of their modelling careers. 
The Givenchy artistic director Ricardo Tisci described her as the dreamgirl after her catwalk appearance at the Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show and that is precisely how she is viewed by her admirers, female and male. 
Part of Gisele Bundchen's appeal as a model is she was viewed by many fans on social media as their fantasy dream girl and now there seems to be a model on the verge of taking that position and her name is Candice Swanepoel. 
Candice Swanepoel showing great pins on talk show

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