Sunday, April 19, 2015

Definitive Proof that Cara Delevingne is in Fact the World’s Most Popular Model

Definitive Proof that Cara Delevingne is in Fact the World’s Most Popular Model:

Is it just us, or is Cara Delevingne’s Instagram becoming more star-studded by the week? In the past month alone, her page has seen appearances by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Scott Eastwood, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Will Smith— and that’s just the start of it!  These days, she seems to be friends with just about everyone and their mothers —it’s a known fact that she’s good friends with Kris Jenner after all— a phenomenon that we can only assume will continue to flourish as she dives deeper and deeper into the Hollywood acting scene.  After all, with each new movie role comes new co-stars and connections, or in Cara’s case, new friends.

To demonstrate just how deep her popularity runs, we decided to bust out one of our favorite parlor games— “Six Degrees of Separation” — and attempted to connect Cara with four of the most random celebrities that we could find.  As you can see in the image below, it didn’t take more than three connections to link her with the likes of Amal Clooney, Martha Stewart and the Queen of England herself.  And, because this is “six degrees of Cara Delevingne,” we even found a way to connect her to Kevin Bacon— the original benchmark for boundary-pushing popularity.

Check out our examples below and feel free to come up with your own and share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We promise, this is one game where the possibilities are endless.

1. Cara and Amal Clooney:

Aside from the fact that they were rumored to have dated back in 2012, Cara and Harry Styles remain good friends and were most recently spotted together at the star’s 21st birthday bash back in February.  Harry also just so happens to be good friends with Cindy Crawford and her family— he’s been snapped making pizzas with her children at their home in Malibu, California — who are close with George Clooney, who is of course, married to Amal Clooney.

2. Cara and Martha Stewart:

Cara may not be an expert homemaker (as far as we know anyways), or a business tycoon, but thanks to her wide-range of celebrity friends, it doesn’t take much to connect the two.  In fact, it’s quite easy: Cara is best friends with Kendall Jenner; Kendall Jenner is best friends with Justin Bieber; and the Biebs and Stewart now have a new-found friendship after appearing on stage together at Comedy Central’s “The Roast of Justin Bieber.”

3. Cara and Kevin Bacon:

 Full disclosure: we had way too much fun connecting these two.  First up, we have Cara and Beyonce, who not only appeared to be the best of friends at a star-studded Topshop dinner back in November, but are also rumored to be collaborating on Cara’s long-awaited debut album.  Then, we have Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, who famously appeared together in the Oscar-nominated film, Dream Girls.  We then connected Hudson to Sarah Jessica Parker— through the Sex and the City movie, of course — before making the final connection between SJP and Kevin Bacon, who both had starring roles in the Hollywood cult classic, Footloose.

4. Cara and Queen Elizabeth:

For those who don’t know, Cara comes from a rather well-connected family, which makes linking her to an international icon such as the Queen of England almost too easy.  Her mother, Pandora, is not only a personal shopper who counts the Duchess of York among her closest friends, but is also the daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, who was knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in 1996.

Impressive, huh?

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