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Victoria's Secret Model Shuts Down Food-Shaming Reporter

Victoria's Secret Model Shuts Down Food-Shaming Reporter:

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TMZ was up to its usual trolling tricks backstage at Tuesday's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York City.

Their video opens with Behati Prinsloo on a table in her underwear, posing and turning as photographers shout directions at her. Props to her. Standing and turning and holding that many poses in a row is tough. Like, try smiling for a minute in a row. Your face starts to hurt. Now try striking the same poses for five minutes. It’s exhausting.

Then the TMZ cameraman went to a notoriously touchy subject: food. First, he noted that nobody was touching the sandwiches on display. Nobody eats at fashion events because they're, you know, working. Except me. I’m always hovering by craft services, afraid that a stylist will ask me something and I'll have to tell them that I'm just a writer.

Second, he asked some models about their cravings. Shanina Shaik and another model said they'd go for fairly obvious things: Ben and Jerry's, pizza, the classics.

Magdalena Frackowiak, though, was having none of his shit. She initially waved him off before admonishing him to ask smarter questions. We have to say: You go. Victoria's Secret models have to go through enough to prep for the show without some creep shoving a microphone in their face asking about cravings. And if you look at their bodies, there's no way starvation diets make you look like that.

Models eat healthy foods, not no foods. As Kendall Jenner told PopSugar, she eats, "Chicken and sweet potato, egg whites, and avocado” to keep her high energy and in shape.

Gigi Hadid took Vogue to see her intense boxing workout at Gotham Gym. These girls work out like professional athletes. In fact, they are professional athletes. The only difference is that their field is a catwalk and nobody is trying to dunk on them.

Not yet, anyways.

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