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The Best- & Worst-Selling Mag Covers Of 2015 Aren't What You Think

The Best- & Worst-Selling Mag Covers Of 2015 Aren't What You Think:

The next time you hear print is dead, direct people to Adweek's coverage of annual magazine sales. Newsstands may be beyond their heyday, but certain covers still fly off the shelves. Only, they aren't always the ones that you might think.

Caitlyn Jenner's iconic Vanity Fair cover was actually outperformed by a certain high-profile celebrity divorce. And as for which Kardashian currently seems to be ruling the glossies, weirdly enough: It's not Kim anymore. Plus, a certain papal someone might be popular among the masses, but he was no winner in the mag world.

Those weren't the only surprises in this year's roundup. Click through to find out which covers sold best — and worst! — in 2015. Also, rejoice: Print lives on another year!

The July 2015 Vanity Fair cover — featuring the public debut of Caitlyn Jenner — did gangbusters, selling 400,000 newsstand copies...

...but People's Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce cover did double that amount, selling more than 800,000 copies on stands.

Pope Francis may be a megahit in the court of public opinion. But when it came to the People magazine issue featuring his smiling face, only 450,000 copies were sold on newsstands.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Cosmo cover underperformed, if only slightly: Adweek reports that it sold 438,000 on stands, compared to the typical 500,000 copies that flew off shelves for previous issues of the mag this year.

Jennifer Aniston's Life & Style cover held its own in July, selling 262,100 newsstand copies.

And then there was Sandra Bullock, whose Star cover sold 162,500 mags on stands.


Kim Kardashian covers aren't a surefire hit these days. This Life & Style cover featuring the reality star sold 173,000 on newsstands.

Stevie Nicks on the cover of Rolling Stone only sold 64,125 issues on newsstands — and hers was one of the magazine's top three from the entire year. John Belushi and Rush were the other two top-performing covers. Nostalgia is clearly a major sales factor for the staple music mag.

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